Run to Live is a small company with a big voice.

We’ve won awards, lots of them. For being a great small business, for having a personality and for the work we do with charities and the community.

In 2016, after nine years of trading, we decided to hang up our retail shoes, have a break and then come back invigorated.

We love the outdoors (and will understand if you prefer the treadmill), we love racing muddy courses and we think hills are FRIENDS (and will understand if you’re a flat run lover).

It’s not always about running, you’ll occasionally see us on a bicycle or floating in a lake too.

We run, so we don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s really hard to be serious when your face is the colour of a beetroot.

We know that running enables, invigorates and strengthens.  Running to us is an expression of freedom, travelling a personal journey, loving open space and the elements, being alone with your thoughts, experiencing elation, contentment and happiness to build self-esteem and inner strength as well as physical fitness.  We ‘Run to Live’ not just to survive.

We will come back stronger.